Refocusing on you

Bringing your inner essence, outward

Hi Beautiful, 

If you’ve found my website it means that one of my wonderful clients has sent you my way, or that we were simply destined to work together to bring your inner essence, outward.

While some people may find permanent cosmetics to be superficial, I see it as a ritual that honors the inner you. Having always struggled with my skin, I never felt comfortable leaving the house without makeup. Makeup brought out the “me” that wasn’t burdened by imperfect skin or uneven brows. Although I love the creativity and versatility of makeup, I equally love swimming and being out in nature. Needless to say, makeup doesn’t always have a place with Mother Earth, and can be quite a burden to apply everyday.

When I first got my eyebrows microbladed it was like looking into the mirror for the first time. It was a slight change, but it drew focus to my eyes and brought symmetry to my face. I was able to see the inner “me” without makeup.

From that day forward I have dedicated my efforts to make sure all my clients feel that spark of joy when they look at themselves in the mirror. I completed microblading training with PhiAcademy, whose techniques are world renowned for being the pinnacle of microblading.

I strive to bring the inner you to the surface, whether that be a subtle enhancement or a glam goddess.


Arielle Abelon